Charles Melton Is Feeling Himself

If there was one word to describe Charles Melton, it would be “grateful.” When I first arrive at the undisclosed location in West Hollywood for our interview, the May December actor had been shooting his ad campaign for YSL Beauty—he’s the handsome new U.S. voice of the brand’s MYSLF cologne in the U.S.—since the early morning, and has a short break to grab something to eat before we talk. I surprise him with a handful of Asian snacks, ranging from rice crackers to chocolate sticks to a variety of Korean moon pies, which he quickly sifts through, picking the rice crackers to consume first. “That’s so sweet,” Melton says, in the most charming way. “Thank you so much.” Throughout our interview, the 33-year-old Korean American actor continues to express this gratitude for everything in his life.

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