macOS Sonoma 14.4: Caution When Updating

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macOS Sonoma 14.4: Caution When Updating

TLDR:Apple recently released macOS Sonoma 14.4, but some users are facing issues after updating. These include problems with USB hubs and monitors, Java processes unexpectedly terminating, printer drivers being removed or corrupted, and crashes with audio unit plugins. While some workarounds exist for certain issues, others don't have solutions yet. If these problems might disrupt your work, it's wise to hold off on updating until Apple resolves them.

Apple recently rolled out macOS Sonoma 14.4, but for many users, the transition hasn't been smooth sailing. A range of issues has emerged, impacting various aspects of users' experiences with their Macs.

One notable problem revolves around connectivity. Some users have reported difficulties with USB hubs and monitors equipped with USB ports. After updating to macOS 14.4, numerous complaints surfaced regarding peripherals like mice and keyboards failing to be recognized. While Apple is working on a fix, a temporary solution involves tweaking settings in the System Preferences menu under Security to allow new accessories to connect.

Java processes have also been affected, with Oracle issuing a warning that the update could lead to unexpected terminations of Java processes on Macs. This issue spans across different Java versions, from Java 8 to early access builds of JDK 22. Unfortunately, there's no immediate workaround available, leaving affected users potentially stranded unless they have a complete system backup predating the update.

Printer functionality has taken a hit as well. Some users have found that macOS 14.4 either removes or corrupts printer drivers, particularly affecting core printing operations over a network through CUPS software. HP printers are especially affected, although the exact triggers, such as the use of specific security software, remain unclear. While some users have managed to mitigate the issue by granting additional permissions to certain processes in System Preferences, a comprehensive solution has yet to be found.

Audio-related issues have also surfaced, particularly concerning PACE/iLok protections. Certain audio unit plugins, particularly those safeguarded by PACE/iLok, have been reported to crash when used with Apple silicon Macs running macOS 14.4. This problem impacts plugins from various manufacturers, including those from Universal Audio, when used with digital audio workstations like Logic Pro. A temporary workaround involves running affected applications and the iLok License Manager in Rosetta mode, but this is not a permanent fix.

Given the breadth and severity of these issues, some users may be hesitant to update to macOS Sonoma 14.4. If any of these problems could significantly disrupt daily operations or productivity, it might be prudent to delay updating until Apple releases a subsequent fix. The company's ongoing efforts to address these concerns will likely determine the timeline for when it's safe to update.

In summary, while macOS Sonoma 14.4 introduces several improvements and enhancements, it also brings along a host of issues for certain users. Until these issues are resolved, caution is advised before proceeding with the update, particularly for those whose workflows could be significantly disrupted by the reported problems.

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